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To join the Roar community, receive updates, and get first crack at earlybird tickets to all our events, provide your vetting information below.

Sexual Preferences
Sexual Persuasion
Are there any medical conditions the organisers need to know about? (anything that could affect play or cause yourself or others harm during the event?

NOTE: The vetting photos and personal details provided are not shared anywhere (unless they are exceptionally awesome and we have your express permission to use said photos), but are simply a method for us to confirm you are who you say you are and to help compile guest lists for focused events.

Once we've approved your vetting, we will send you Lion & Rusé's own personal info in return. This helps us get to know you, so you should get to know us too!

 Thank you so much for your vetting info!.

 We'll review it and get back to you asap!.

Before joining, we require all guests to be thoroughly familiar with our Rules below.


By submitting your vetting details to us, you confirm that you have read and understood the following in full:

At any Roar event you will abide by all rules laid out below and any instructions given by Roar staff; and promise to conduct yourself with respect for all, in a way that will only further our creating a space of exploration and consent.

Rules & Procedures



1.) Do not touch people without gaining consent. Ever.

2.) If you are watching a scene, be respectful, keep a reasonable distance, do not try to get involved.

3.) Do not intervene in a scene unless you have been asked to join in.

4.) No solo masturbating unless part of a scene.

5.) No blood/knife/fire/water/toilet play. No CNC without first clearing it with Lion or Rusé.

Failure to comply with the rules as set out above will result in removal from the venue and exclusion from any future events.

If you see somebody behaving in a way that isn't respectful, or if you believe it is non-consensual please inform a member of staff immediately.


It is compulsory for everyone at the event to use the same safe word


and safe action so that there are no misunderstandings:

opening and closing both hands repeatedly


This word/action is to be used in the event a scene must stop for any reason - if any party is feeling uncomfortable, are in unwanted pain, or if there is any safety concern by those participating or an observer.

Consent is an essential part of the ROAR experience. We believe in enthusiastic, active, ongoing consent. Any CNC scenes must be pre-negotiated and discussed with a member of staff. Failure to comply with these rules may result in activity that is deemed criminal, and in this instance the perpetrator will be reported by the management team to the authorities.


1.) In order to be invited back to our partner venues, we must respect the spaces. Do no damage or deface the venue property.

2.) Some mess is understandable and ROAR will conduct thorough cleaning after each event. However, please clean up after yourself (area, furniture, toys, etc).


3.) Breakage: if you happen to break anything (especially glass), be sure to notify staff members to ensure it is cleaned up quickly in order to keep guests safe.


While ROAR aim to keep all events open, welcoming and diverse, in order to ensure all guests mix together well, we curate the guest list for most of our events. This means that not everyone will make it onto every guest list. Contributing factors for individual events may include age, sex, sexual preference, location and party size.

Our ROAR mixed play parties are generally a 50/50 mix of women and men, from 19-45 on average (there is no age restriction for our parties).


For all new attendees, we vet via the form at the top of this page, and for single gentlemen we may also request one or more of the following:

1.) Interview: Meet with one of the organisers for a coffee or a drink or via skype and discuss your previous experiences and expectations. This may cover your sexual preferences, kinks and limits. It also allows you a chance to ask further questions about the event, the space, the attendees and us as the organisers.

2.) Recommendation: If a friend of yours is already a friend of ROAR's, have them contact us to recommend you for our events. They should include in their email a list of any events they have attended with you, and a statement of your character and conduct at said events.

3.) Buddy System: Guests may be asked to attend with a 'buddy' - this can be your significant other, Dom, sub or friend. As we have a zero tolerance policy, if either one of the 'buddies' offends or harms another guest, or willfully disrupts the event in any way, both 'buddies' will be ejected and will be banned from all future ROAR events.


We are committed to building a welcoming community for those traveling the dark path with us. To do that, we ask all ROAR guests to participate before each event.

Kik Chat Group: Before each party, class or retreat, we offer the opportunity for all participants to join a Kik chat group and introduce themselves. This helps everyone get to know whom they'll be meeting on the night, and gets us talking and excited ahead of time.

Munch: We frequently all go for a drink in a Central London bar for social drinks (in vanilla attire). Again this lets everyone get to know one another and have a good chat. This also allows us to see how the vibe of the group is developing and weed out any issues that might arise, nipping it in the bud early on. This lets people find out more about us and we can curate our parties from the awesome people we meet!

Fetlife: We ask that guests who wish to, friend us on (username RoarParties) and post to the wall about your time with us, so future attendees will know what you really enjoyed about your ROAR event! We also request that our guests on Fetlife join the Roar Parties group, to keep updated on our goings on.

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